Business Development Services

During 2015, Management Innovations has provided business training and advisory services to build the capacity of micro, small and medium enterprises to participate in economic activities around the oil industry especially as suppliers and sub-contractors.

Living EarthThe work has been funded by Living Earth Uganda in partnership with Living Earth UK under the project “Jobs and Oil: Improving access to youth and women employment in Western Uganda”


finn partnershipWe represent Finnpartnership (FP) in Uganda – a Finnish Business Partnership Program funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and managed by Finnish Fund for Industrial Cooperation Ltd. The aim of the Program is to facilitate business partnerships between companies from Finland and developing countries. Business partnerships refer to long-term joint activities between companies or other economic actors in Finland and in developing countries, such as joint ventures, importing from developing countires and technology transfers. For companies in Uganda the FP offers the opportunity to post information on their business initiatives in the Matchmaking service, which may help in finding a suitable Finnish Partner Company for their projects. Also, FP will assist Finnish companies in seeking out new business opportunities and partners in Uganda.


Arapai Farmers’ Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society

2014: Capacity building for Arapai Farmers’ Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society funded by World Vision Uganda. The services covered:

  • Capacity assessment and capacity Building plan
  • Facilitating capacity building to strengthen cooperative leadership and business management
  • Facilitating the development of the business plans for cooperative
  • Facilitating the strengthening of existing cooperative structures


Enterprise Uganda

2013-Present: Assignments with Enterprise Uganda:

  • Entrepreneurship and financial literacy training for youth leaders from Rukungiri District
  • Marketing and customer care course for youth graduate entrepreneurs
  • Preparation of a trainers’ manual on Agribusiness Entrepreneurship

Uganda Cooperative Alliance

Conducted induction training for staff of Uganda Cooperative Alliance on the theme: Facilitating Wealth Creation through Cooperative Enterprises.

Share An Opportunity Uganda

  1. Conducted training to strengthen the skills of Enterprise Development Officers of Share An Opportunity Uganda in implementing the NGO’s integrated community enterprise credit program.
  2. Undertook a review of the operations of Share An Opportunity Alumni revolving credit program, and trained the Alumni Association Board, Management and key staff on how to diversify the credit portfolio, improve loan appraisal and loan recovery.
  3. Prepared a 5-year organizational enterprise development strategy (2008-2013) for Share an Opportunity Uganda.
  4. Formulated a business transformation and institutional sustainability strategy for SAO Alumni Association.


Women’s Center for Job Creation

Delivered an entrepreneurship and business training program for 40 members of Women’s Center for Job Creation. Based in Uganda, the Women’s Centre for Job Creation seeks to increase economic empowerment and improve the standard of living among low income women in Africa.