Our Team

Eriab Kiiza
Eriab holds a Bachelors Degree in Economics, a Masters Degree in Economics and ACCA diploma in financial management. Eriab has been involved with capacity building and business development initiatives in Uganda, Eastern and Southern Africa Africa and the Middle East for 20 years while working as Investment Officer at Uganda Investment Authority, Director for Entrepreneurship at Enterprise Uganda, National Coordinator at Yunus Social Business, and as a national and international consultant at Management Innovations. Eriab has undertaken a multiplicity of business diagnostic and planning studies, conducted trainings, and mentored hundreds of businesses. As an accredited UN Expert, Eriab has provided expert services to support SME mentoring programs in Tanzania, Rwanda and Zimbabwe.
Martin Karamagi
Mr. Martin Karamagi is a qualified Accountant with a Diploma, Bachelors Degree and ACCA professional qualification. He has provided wide-ranging consultant services for NGOs, private companies and international agencies. He has worked his way up in the finance, accounting and administration fields, rising from the lowest ranks to the highest levels in management and governance structures of private companies, multi-national corporations and NGOs. While at Management Innovations, Martin has helped many clients resolve systemic and structural challenges in governance and management, and provided book keeping and records management training to small and medium enterprises to enhance their capacity in developing systems for record keeping, interpreting and analyzing their financial transactions. He is also skilled in preparing bankable business plans and in conducting tailored trainings.
John Ariko
John holds an MBA (marketing option), a BSc. Food Science and Technology, a Post graduate diploma in Human Resource Management and an accreditation as a partnership broker from the Prince of Wales business leadership Forum and the Overseas Development Agency (ODA) in London. He has worked as a consultant for over 15 years in field of financial systems development and business planning helping clients to prepare business plans, set up accounting and financial management systems, prepare financial management and accounting manuals, operationalise internal control systems, prepare financial statements from incomplete records, conduct financial viability assessments for businesses sourcing for external finances and review books of accounts and financial statements for audits. John has also worked in promoting agribusinesses across the country and private sector organizations involved in production and marketing agricultural products.
Martin Mulinda
Martin is a Chartered Banker with a Masters in Business Administration, BSc Agriculture (Hons) and a series of professional banking certificates. He has over 28 years of experience in the banking sector covering commercial banking, development finance and microfinance. For more than 12 years, he held senior management positions in DFCU Bank Ltd and Equity Bank Ltd, where he developed a wealth of skills in credit analysis, appraisal, monitoring. As a consultant, Martin has undertaken assignments for major clients in Uganda and Rwanda, including Bank of Uganda, Uganda Institute of Bankers, DANIDA, GIZ, International Finance Corporation and various Banks and Microfinance Institutions.
Patrick Kawanguzi
Patrick has a Masters Degree in Management Studies, a Post Graduate Diploma Financial Management, a Post Graduate Certificate in Bank Management, and a Bachelors Degree in Agriculture. Patrick has extensive Business Development Service delivery experience in the financial sector (Banking and Microfinance) of over 10 years in planning, designing and implementing training and technical assistance programs for Small and Medium enterprise development; managing rural finance programs; conducting consumer financial education; developing SME financial products; and generally assisting SMEs in accounting and book keeping skills. He combines skills in the fields of Adult Learning and Financial Management with SME Financing.
Amos Ruhongore
Amos B. Ruhongore is pursuing a PhD in institutional development. He holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Finance Management, a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Finance and Accounting, and various post graduate professional courses e.g. Administrative Officer’s Law Course, Project Planning, Management & Evaluation, Practicing Diploma in Facilitating Organization Development (FOD), Budgetary Management and Expenditure Control, and financial Management and data base design. Amos is an accomplished mature and practicing financial specialist with over 15 years’ experience in accounting and financial management. He is accredited to Enterprise Uganda and ILO since 2006 to assist growing SMEs using the Expand Your Business toolkit. Over the years, Amos has acquired competencies in financial planning and management. He analyses the organisational operations and financial needs and develops cash flows to ensure that the organisation operates efficiently to achieve its strategic objective
Betty Zizinga Kaddu
A holder of ACCA, Post graduate Diploma in Tax and Revenue Administration, and Bachelors of Statistics, Betty Zizinga has over 13 yearsexperience in developing solutions to issues arising from audits, conducting tax trainings,carrying out tax reviews, audits and “Health checks” for corporation tax, withholding tax, personal tax and VAT. She is also involved in reviewing and advising on applicability of exemptions, remissions and offsets. She provides book keeping/records management training to small and medium enterprises. She sits on the audit committee of Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Association.