About Us

Who We Are

M/s Management Innovations is a private sector development consulting firm registered in Uganda in 2007. The firm provides cutting-edge enterprise development tools, skills and advisory services to  businesses and business-support organizations. Its vision is a competitive private sector driven by innovation.

 What We Do

M/s Management Innovations provides the following four distinct services:

  1. Business development services – such as entrepreneurship and business management skills, business planning, installation of business management systems, and development of financial, market and B2B linkages.
  2. Inclusive markets development – these services consist of research, market diagnostics, policy analysis, strengthening of business associations and development of market-based solutions and programs.
  3. Supporting innovation – the gateway for disseminating innovation tools in East Africa by providing the information, skills, tools and networks needed to make new ideas work.
  4. Project management services – the whole cycle from identification, preparation and implementation to monitoring and evaluation of private sector development projects.